Skin Toxicities

Skin Toxicities


Protecting Cancer Patients from Severe Skin Toxicities

Current cancer treatments (radiotherapy, immunotherapies, cytotoxic and targeted chemotherapies), are increasingly effective but cause significant side effects, particularly on the skin.

Skin toxicities from cancer treatments are observed in two out of three individuals. No drug treatment has yet emerged to address these skin conditions, and this represents a significant unmet medical need.

Tarian Pharma’s focus is to develop medicines to prevent/treat severe skin toxicities such as Radiotherapy-induced dermatitis, Chemo- or Radio-induced alopecia, EGFRi-induced folliculitis and Chemotherapy-induced Hand and Foot syndrome.


Optimizing Cancer Treatment Outcomes

Severe skin toxicities can influence the effectiveness of the treatment in terms of dose reduction or discontinuation.

Depending on the cancer treatment and the severity and type of skin toxicity, 10-30% of cancer patients have their treatment protocols modified. These changes can include dose reduction, alteration of the anticancer drug or even therapy discontinuation, due to the onset and severity of skin reactions problems.

Effective prevention of skin toxicities with Tarian Pharma products will allow an optimal and possibly maximized cancer treatment protocols and therefore will improve treatment outcomes.