Our priority

Our priority


Tackle Breast Cancer Drugs Skin Toxicities

In 2020, breast cancer became the most frequent cancer worldwide with 2.3 million new cases. Surgery is the mainstay of breast cancer treatment; however, radiotherapy is used in 50% of cases. Cytotoxic and targeted chemotherapies are also often used as adjuvants or as principle treatments. Most often, combinations of 2 or 3 drugs are used.

Radiotherapy-induced dermatitis (RID) develops almost in all breast cancer patients with 30-40% of women developing moderate and severe forms (i.e., grade 2 or higher).

Alopecia, the partial or complete lost of hair, is a frequent consequence of breast cancer therapy and can be psychologically and socially devastating. Between 40% and 100% of patients with breast cancer experience complete alopecia during chemotherapy, and the remainder experience some degree of hair thinning or weakening. Most patients with breast cancer consider hair loss as the most traumatic aspect of chemotherapy, and up to 8% reject chemotherapy because of extreme anxiety related to chemotherapy-induced alopecia (CIA).

Tarian Pharma’s priority is to develop medicines that prevent radiation–induced dermatitis and chemotherapy–induced alopecia in breast cancer patients.